song: Open Wounds by Skillet
any special meaning to you: I dunno.
any memories: When I heard it at the first time I didn't know who it was. And it took me a while to find out what was the band. The only thing that I knew was the line "How could you hate me". That`s why when I downloaded it I was the happiest person in the whole universe.
who would you dedicate it to: It`s sad, but I can dedicate it to great amount of people, even to some relatives O.o
who do you think would dedicate it to YOU: I really hope no one.
are you a fan of the artist: Of course.

song: Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace
favorite lyric: "Help me believe it`s not the real me, somebody help me tame this animal I have become."
which genre would you put it in: Rock.
which feeling does it portray: I dunno how to answer such questions. It`s very personal. I just turn it on when I`m angry and then I calm down step by step. Though this song isn`t for relaxation, anyway it helps me.
is it sung by a girl or boy: Boy.
favorite song by that artist: Let It Die and Never Too Late

song: The Fire by Papa Roach
which number is it on your playlist: 11 of 666... lol
who wrote it: J. Shaddix(lyrics); J.Horton/T.Esperance(music).
does it have any swears in it: I think it`s only promises.
which country is the artist from: USA.
would you recommend the song: It`s out of question.

song: Hollywood Whore by Papa Roach
does the title relate to the lyrics: Yep.
who should listen to it: Everyone! Except those ones who don`t listen to rock music at all.
does it describe your current emotion: No.
whats the first word in the song: Hollywood
how did you find out the artist: OMG thanks to BEP and radio.

song: Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against
does it make you sad: Mostly.
how old is the song: 2006.
what mood does it generate: I start to think of what is really important and what is not. How cruel, ruthless, merciless and dumb people and the world in general can be. At the same time this song induces me to move forward and make attempts to change something.
would you listen to it all the way through: Yes. When I listen to RA I can do nothing but listening to them. They have the best lyrics.
song: Parallel Worlds by Elliot Minor
which genre would you put it in: Britpop.
any special meaning to you: Not at all. It`s just funny to sing along.
does your mom like it: I'm pretty sure, No.
which album is it from: They have only one album Elliot Minor
category: Pop-Rock

song: Blood (Empty Promises) by Papa Roach
who do you think would dedicate it to YOU: OMG I dunno. Maybe my Mom...O.o
does it bring up any memories: No.
do you sing along to it: I always sing along, though I can't sing at all.
does it describe your life at this moment: Definitely.
did it ever?: I have already said.

song: Angels by Within Temptation
favorite song by the artist: This one and The Cross
which genre would it be: Symphonic Metal.
are the lyrics meaningful: Yes.
how old is the song: 2004.
is it well known or no: Among those ones who listen to this type of music - yes, but I'm not sure, that it's well-known in general. But who knows.

song: Decoy by Paramore
is it sung by a girl or boy: Girl.
how many times have you listened to it before: I downloaded it only in October and was listening to it non-stop for 3 days. But I don`t listen to it now very often.
how long have you had it on your playlist: Since October. If you wait I can tell ya exactly *in 5 min* October 9
which number is it on the playlist: 472 of 666.
bring up any memories: If discussing this song in LJ counts. Since then some people think that it`s best Paramore song. I don't agree.

song: I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace
similar to which other song: Dunno.
who would you dedicate it to: One girl, who I was really close to. But now we don't even talk.
what emotion is the song about: I hate everything about you, why do I love you. You still need an explanation?
is it hard to sing vocally: Maybe chorus...
do you like it: Sure!


List your top ten on Last.fm:
1. Papa Roach
2. Paramore
3. Three Days Grace
4. Skillet
5. Rise Against
6. Our Lady Peace
7. 30 Seconds to Mars
8. Within Temptation
9. Elliot Minor
10. Good Charlotte

What was the first song you ever heard by 6? (Our Lady Peace)

What is your favorite album of 8? (Within Temptation)
The Heart of Everything

What is your favorite lyrics of 5? (Rise Against )
Every line, in fact. *thinking* it's long, but it`s worth reading it and listening to this song:
She walked through bullets and haze
I asked her to stop
I begged her to stay
But she pressed on
So I lifted my gun
And I fired away
And the shells jumped through the smoke
And into the sand
That the blood now had soaked
She collapsed with a flag in her hand
A flag white as snow

How many times have seen each of your ten bands live?
I've been only to 30 Seconds to Mars , if I can say so. They perfomed only 3 songs.

What is your favorite song by number 7? (30 Seconds to Mars )
R-Evolve. This song tears me apart. It`s awesome!

Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad? (Three Days Grace)

What is your favorite song by 2? (Paramore )
Emergency and Miracle. I`m quoting it every time. Emergency is very personal. I can't say that I was in the same situation EXACTLY, but when you listen to it, you feel that pain which Hayley is singing about. And you understand, that you're not alone in a situation like this. And Miracle just helps me to be alive and not to be afraid of life and pain.

What is your favorite song by 9? (Elliot Minor)
At this moment, it's Running Away. I like the melody a lot. On the one hand, it`s very positive. But on the other hand, you realize that everything will disappear. Sooner or later. It`s inevitably. And not only people around, but also your feelings and emotions. The Broken Minor is great too!

What is your favorite album by 1? (Papa Roach)
It`s really hard to choose, but I`ll say Getting Away With Murder. I think that every song on it exactly describes what I feel, except Stop Looking, Start Seeing and Be Free. It's not about me at all, anyway they're great!

How did you get into 3? (Three Days Grace)
Heard I Hate Everything About You and Animal I Have Become on the radio. Then I bought One-X and immediately fell in love.

What is your favorite song by 4? (Skillet )
Rebirthing. I dunno what to say. It`s LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Which of the 10 has influenced you the most?
Papa Roach, Skillet , Rise Against, 30 Seconds to Mars, Good Charlotte

What is a good memory concerning 2? (Paramore )
Dunno. I don't think I have any:(

What is a good memory concerning 3? (Three Days Grace)
Dunno. I don't think I have any:( EITHER

Is there a song by 8 that makes you sad? (Within Temptation)
Hand of Sorrow. But I'm not sure.

What is your favorite song of 1? (Papa Roach)
Ummmm. Between Angels and Insects, Getting Away With Murder, Alive ('N Out Of Control).

How did you become a fan of 10? (Good Charlotte)
I heard about them in 2003. Then I didn`t listen to this kind of music, that`s why Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous video kinda shocked me. And that time I was pretty sure that I`ll never listen to such music. Btw, I was 12 haha. But in 2004 I heard I Just Wanna Live, and I had already been a fan of Green Day, Evanescence, LP, Nickelback and I don't remember who else, that's why I decided to buy The Chronicles of Life and Death. And I liked it muuuchly. And I like it muuuuuuuuchly now.

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